Quick & Easy No-Sew Fleece Bib Pattern & How To

Make a cute and functional fabric baby bib in no time with fleece and a simple pattern. It’s as easy as print, cut, pin, and cut! No sewing necessary because fleece doesn’t unravel.

This no-sew bib is super soft and washes up great. Color choices are as endless as the fleece fabric options in your local fabric store or online. The bib slips on over baby’s head, so no fiddly ties, Velcro, or snaps are needed.No-sew fleece baby bib

What you need:
1 No-Sew Fleece Bib Pattern (pattern and pics to come soon!)
1 piece of fleece (at least 12″ x 9″)
Several pins
Scissors (1 pair for cutting paper, 1 for fabric)
Ruler or measuring tape
Chalk or washable fabric marker

How to make the no-sew fleece baby bib:

1. Print out the No-Sew Fleece Bib Pattern, then cut it out.

2. Lay your fleece out smoothly and pin the pattern to it.

3. Cut all around the pattern. Remove the pins and pattern and trim up any uneven little edges. Not necessary, but I’m a perfectionist that way!

4. Fold the bib in half lengthwise. Measure in 2″ and mark with chalk or a washable marker.

5. Turn the bib and measure 3.5″.

6. Cut a nice, straight, clean cut from the first mark to the second. This will be the neck hole.

7. Unfold, and you’re done! Pop the bib on baby and enjoy! (As you can see, I had a most patient little bunny model my bib.)

Note: this bib should fit an average size baby, but you could easily adapt the pattern for a smaller or larger baby. The neck hole cut can easily be cut smaller if needed.

Have fun, and feel free to share this tutorial by linking back to this page. Thank you!

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