Newborn Snap Bibs Are Best: Better Than Ties and Velcro

Here at I offer predominantly snap baby bibs. pink polka dot rings newborn bibWhy? Because from my own experience (as a mother of three babies) I truly believe that snaps easily trump other fasteners (ties and Velcro).

Compare and contrast the pros and cons of all three types of baby bib closures, and  see for yourself:


  • Secure, baby can’t tug the bib off. You’d be surprised at how early some babies learn to tug on their bibs and throw them off! It’s one of the first talents they perfect, along with that first laugh of glee when the bib goes flying!
  • Almost silent. As you open or fasten the bib, so you don’t disturb a sleeping baby or startle/scare an awake one. This is huge, as all sleep-deprived moms know. (Remember, bib fasteners are close to baby’s ears.)
  • Never lose their “sticking” ability.
  • Go through the laundry just dandily–no sticking to or tangling with anything!


  • Strangulation hazard, though of course you should always watch a baby in a bib (and do not put a baby to bed wearing a bib).
  • Have you ever tried tying a bib on a fussy, squirmy baby? NOT EASY.
  • Baby can yank at and even undo these types of bibs.
  • Tangle in the wash.


  • Baby pulls Velcro-fastened bibs off easily.
  • LOUD. Yes, if you want to carefully remove a bib after baby falls asleep during a feeding (which happens all the time) so you can lay baby down, that dang RIPPING sound will wake baby every time.
  • These fasteners tend to stick to everything in the wash cycle, even if you close them before starting the laundry.
  • Over time, Velcro fasteners collect lint and tend to lose their ability to stay securely closed.
  • The rough “hook” side of the Velcro may scrape and irritate baby’s tender, sensitive skin.

Convinced yet that snap bibs are the best bibs?

I thought so.

Now go ahead and treat your newborn baby to some lovely, quality, snap-bibs today!