Cheap OPK & Pregnancy Tests

Nothing like a coupon to make you feel like a smart, money-saving savvy shopper!
Here are the current Pregnancy test coupons:
EPT Save up to $5!
First Response Save $2!
Clearblue Save $1!

Ebay is always a great source for batches of cheap OPKs and pregnancy tests. (We’re talking 5 strips for 99 cents, and that’s with FREE shipping!)
I’ve also used, where you can enter coupon codes for more savings. And their FREE shipping on orders over $14.95 is a great deal!

The tests don’t have to be name-brand to be accurate. Check out your local Walmart or Dollar Store for cheap tests. They may be cheap, but they do work! I’ve used them personally, many, many times!

Know of another great cheap or free pregnancy test deal? Please let me know so I can list it here!

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